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Question auto restart dls on boot up

I have my pc on all the time it has a set time that i set up thru a bat file to reboot but the thing is if I'm in the middle of uploading files and I'm not around to restart it it wont restart.I can restart fxp thru windows but how do I get it to restart the uploads that are in Q?
Ok I made a bat file with this command FLASHFXP.EXE -restorequeue -go but all it dose is start fxp and show the last auto saved queue am I doing something wrong if i can get this to work It would be great

UPDATE:Ok I found out that if I click on the .fqf file it will do everything for me like load and upload/download sweet so I made .bat file that said *.fqf and put it in the dir of the 2008-04-04_19.19.02.3998218.fqf file i was trying to execute thinking the numbers in front of the .fqf would change fronm q to q but when I clicked on the bat file and I got nothing.I was sure "*" was a wildcard am I wrong here?If I put the full name in the bat file it works fine but I really didn't want to edit the bat file all the time.

UPDATE 4/14/08 Ok got the code to build a bat file that will start the *.fqf file (dir /B *.fqf | cmd.exe /B) from the dir its end but know when my pc dose its reboot if fxp is running the confirm window pops up and holds up the reboot any way around this?

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