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Talking any news bigstar?

Cycled thru the forum and i cant find any real new posts so ill just start over.

How is the development going with flashsfv?
after using big-o's sfv and they just disaperd from the internet i have yet to find a great sfv creater/checker and found flashsfv after a fast look on inicoms site (before rebuilding it) when i actually was going to buy flashfxp after some years in .... well exile well say

anyway, both programs are great, if flashsfv had cost money i had nearly bought it to, if the bugs got fixed, but on the other hand bigstar would maybe feel more commitment if he got paid for it (yes i know the paypal account etc)

anyway, just wanted to stop by and here how its going, has the development stalled completley or is a new version on its way out?

i dont know how many of the bugs reported are fixed but heres another one.

right clicking on a folder and chosse create sfv file, flashsfv opens up and then crashes, im guessing its trying to create a sfv file for the folder not for the files in the folder.

the shell menu is then wrong if it shouldnt be able to create sfv files by-it-self opening the folder and create a sfv files for all the files being in the folder.

or its just a bug and it cant open the folder.

i hope this software just wont disapeer from the net because as for today its the best sfv checker for windows that i know of.
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