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Thanks for your answers.

I don't know exactly if my point came across. As i do not understand your answer (I apologize). I will try again:

I only use flash for fxp from site to site. Normaly if i start fxp transfer after one file is fxp'd over i see the total que time it will take for the rest of the files to be fxp'd.
Now that i have upgraded when i fxp i see a yellow bar trying to estimate how much KB/s the file is going from site to site. (there is no way flash can know this, so it's an estimation based on the average of a few files i guess)
thing is that i want to know the estimation based on the file i just transfered. like it always was before this change. If i FXP a few files from a stable consistent connection and would get 1000KB/s flash now takes more then 3 to 4 files to get to an approx of the time needed for the que. In the mean time flash shows me slower speeds in the progress bar which effect the total que time.

To bad that it's not an option that can be turned off. As it's really annoying to me. my issue is that in the old way i could see immediately after one file an estimation of how long it would take for me to fxp the files (based on last file transfered). now i have to wait for several files before i have a reasonable estimate. this of course take a lot more time. plus the yellow bar can never be as accurate as the ftp bar. Which i totally accept and understand so i don't see the reasoning for not having it as an option.This way i have to do the calculation instead of flash if i want a quick answer.

I have never seen a memo or a fax regarding this change. I only experienced it en every time i did an upgrade i went back to my old version. This has been going on for a wile now so i thought i look here for an answer in the forum.
Is it possible for me to add it as a feature/bug request? for later versions.

Thanks again,

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