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Post site nuke command vs symlinks

Hi out there!

I have a little issue and maybe there is someone that know how and if its possible to solve it.

When i got alot of folders in one of my sections theres often, lets say 20/100 of them are incomplete-tagged by the ftp-server (symlinks), as a siteop i want to nuke those with the reason: incomplete, but every time i need to first enter the folder and then go back with backspace to the subfolder and then suddendly the "real folder" not the symlink is marked and i can do my custom cmd ctrl-n for site nuke.

Summary: Is it possible to bypass symlinks and get FlashFXP to understand if i mark 20 symlinks that it should go and nuke FOLDER1 and not (incomplete)-FOLDER1 , ? thx

Example whats happend if i nuke a "symlink": (incomplete)-folder1: Invalid directory.

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for taking time to read my post.

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