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Do you still devlope this script or do you think it´s ok as it is??

Caus i still have problems as i have written above.
and i would like to get some more things in this script if it would be possible.
  • Group Quota - Iknow you dont want to add this atm. but maybe it can be on todo list
  • If a user gets added on the site and if it has gone more then 7 days of the month, the user should get excempted, otherwise he/she should get on monthly quota.
  • An option to set the user on vacation. Iknow i can make grp and just change, But would be great to have an irc command for this. !vacation <user> and the script sets the user on excempt.´A look at turoks quota script would be a good ide on this option. The user can set himself on vacation.
  • If a user pass trial, ´he should be moved when he does !passed <user>
    As it is now the clock still counts down. and he is on trial all the time until the time is up, even if has passed the trial.
Well just some ideas.
Is annyone else using this script or is it just me.. seems im the only one writing here annyway, or im the only one with problems.
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