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I was unable to reproduce the timeout problem with that ftp server, but I suspect I know the cause. Your router probably have very strict NAT (network address translations) or TCP idle timeout value, and the timeout is probably 45 seconds.

The noops are sent every 45 seconds, it can be changed via an INI setting if you want to test a lower value

under [proxy] add

where 45 is the value you want.

[23:36:10] STOR test512
[23:36:10] 150 Accepted data connection
[23:58:11] 226-File successfully transferred
[23:58:11] 226 1320.493 seconds (measured here), 43.84 Kbytes per second
[23:58:11] Transferred: test512 56.53 MB in 22 minutes 0 seconds (43.8 KB/s)

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