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Heres the test results from uploading a 2.2 GB file, i got tired of waiting for the file to complete transfer so this is just a snipet of the logs.
One interesting note (besides the timeouts) is that with FileZilla i'm getting speeds 800KB/s+
And with FlashFXP i get speeds around 250kB/s what gives?
And the timeout thing is just a total mystery to me, seems like its totally client side to me cause it doesn't happen with FileZilla, but regardless, heres a server configuration file:

ChrootEveryone              yes
BrokenClientsCompatibility  no
MaxClientsNumber            50
Daemonize                   yes
MaxClientsPerIP             8
VerboseLog                  no
DisplayDotFiles             yes
AnonymousOnly               no
NoAnonymous                 no
SyslogFacility              ftp
DontResolve                 yes
MaxIdleTime                 15
ExtAuth /var/run/ftpd.sock
LimitRecursion              2000 8
AnonymousCanCreateDirs      no
MaxLoad                     4
AntiWarez                   yes
Umask                       133:022
MinUID                      100
AllowUserFXP                no
AllowAnonymousFXP           no
ProhibitDotFilesWrite       no
ProhibitDotFilesRead        no
AutoRename                  no
AnonymousCantUpload         no
MaxDiskUsage               99
CustomerProof              yes
TLS     1

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