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Default Need Ste password

I asked this before:
In the site manager under each site it has the password in asteriks...I can connect to a site but I can't find where I wrote down the login info and I need to know what it there any way to show what the password is instead of those asteriks?
This the 3 answers I found
answer 1
F6, General, Options, "Reveal password when selecting password field"

answer 2
enable application level password, after that in site manager next to password field will be "reveal" checkbox.

answer 3
enable application password(Sites->security->set password) and then site manager will have addication check box "reveal" next to the password textbox
None of these answers work for me...
Number 1 - "Reveal password when selecting password field" doesn't exist in my Options under any of the Tabs.
Number 2 - can't find any of that

number 3 - Under enable application password(Sites->security->set password) it says this:
By setting a password your Site Manager content will be encrypted using a strong encryption. If you forget your password it will be impossible to recover your Site Manager content.
That doesn't sound like what I am looking for..
I am using Version 2.1 (build 924) there any way to get the passwords of the sites I have added to site manager?

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