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OK i solved but cant get section to work

now i have
modules = free ftpconn ftpd ioa iozip groups help readlogs sitecmd


nopath = SFV


SFV = releasep release:z user:z group:z speed:n files:n

i modded the .theme for the SFV message but if i add nopath events group to MP3 section in Alcobot.conf it do not work, if i add it to the DEFAULT section it works.

if i modify the script to put a log

SFV: "/MP3/TEST4-TEST-CDM-2008-TEST" "ioFTPD" "ioftpd" "0" "6"


SFV = release:P user:z group:z speed:n files:n

this way alcobot set the section to MP3 (looking inside the code of AlcoBot i found that there is a "resolver" function that extract section by the path)

at this point i cant understand the difference between and :P
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