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Default Problem with alcobot announce

Hi neoxed, thank you for the download link of previous post.

I have a problem: in the ioftpd.log there is
SFV: "/MP3" "TEST4-TEST-CDM-2008-TEST" "ioFTPD" "ioftpd" "0" "6"

and i tryed a var setup like this in a new folder (iozip) and i load in AlcoBot.conf

modules = free ftpconn ftpd ioa iozs groups help readlogs sitecmd

the variable file is modMyZip.vars

zipscript = SFV


SFV = releasep:z release:z user:z group:z speed:n files:n

and i also completed the module.def file

# Module Definition File
desc=myzip Support

in this configuration i cannot get a
[04:19] [AlcoBot] Debug :: ModReadLogs - Received event: SFV (log: 0).

i tryed then to modify the existing iozs module with my variable setup but i get

[04:19] [AlcoBot] Debug :: ModReadLogs - Received event: SFV (log: 0).
[04:19] [AlcoBot] Debug :: ModReadLogs - Event disabled or callback returned false, skipping announce.

can you help me or explain what i'm missing to mod?
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