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Default Need Pasv off - Keeps Coming back on

* FlashFXP v[3 ].[40], build [1145], [X]registered 2 License (Name upon Request)
* OS [X] WinXP
* Running behind hardware router/firewall Linksys BEFW1154 [X] Not sure
* Running software firewall [X ] Yes, Name [CA Personal Firewall ], Ver. [], Running Antivirus [ X] Yes, Name [CA Anti-Virus ]
* Network [X] CABLE
* FTP server(s) name [pureFTP ]
* timestamped, and side prefixed FTP log (please paste)I don't know what "side prefixed means-sorry.
I'm not sure where you want the log, but I will put it at the end of the message.

I have a reseller account (acutally a few) and have been working with the provider trying to figure out why I cannot do site to site transfers. At this point they seem to feel it is because I seem to be permanently stuck in passive mode. I have it unchecked as an option every place I can find it, yet when I connect and try to transfer site to site everything is in passive mode again. What am I doing wrong, and is there a way around this?

(Note-I had to snip some out of the log as I got a message that my post was too long. I just took out someo fthe files that failed as they all failed)

[L] 200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
[R] 200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
[L] 227 Entering Passive Mode (209,67,52,74,185,149)
[R] PORT 209,67,52,74,185,149
[R] 200 PORT command successful
[R] STOR db_forwardm_hottoys-20080115034042.sql.gz
[R] 425 Could not open data connection to port 47509: Connection refused
[R] Transfer Failed!

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