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Default Coming Soon - AlcoBot v1.3

I am working on a feature update for AlcoBot, are there any features or issues you would to see resolved?

Current changes:
  • NEW: Support for the WarChive archiver, by WarC.
  • NEW: User-definable command aliases.
  • CHG: Bouncers are checked every 3-15 minutes, depending how many are defined.
  • CHG: FTP library waits until the complete server response was received.
  • CHG: Hide "pub" and "msg" triggered binds from the party-line.
  • FIX: Announces for the DELUSER and PURGE log events were ignored.
  • FIX: Correctly match flag permissions for channel/private commands.
  • FIX: FTP library could process the event queue out of sequence when invoked multiple times by channel readable events.
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