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Default Using ESC to exit internal editor.


I have searched the forum, but can't find any posting regarding this.

After upgrading from a very old version to the most recent build 1225, I have noticed that when I use CTRL-V to view a file, it is no longer possible to exit the internal editor without first clicking with the mouse inside the text window.

Even if I click the titlebar of the window, I still can't close it with ESC. I have to click inside the text window with the mouse before I can close the window with ESC.

It used to work so that if I used CTRL-V and the file came up in the internal editor, I could close the window at once by pressing ESC. I didn't have to do anything else first.

I don't know if it has been changed for a reason, but I sure liked the old way better, as it didn't need any intervention with the mouse.

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