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Originally Posted by Flow View Post
Hi neoxed, thanks for the update. nxClose error seems to be gone now. Nice
I haven't changed any code in nxClose. Like I've said a thousand times already, the bug is/was in ioFTPD.

Originally Posted by Flow View Post
I have a issue here with on upload it add stuff to right section defined, but when I do site rebuild, some defined section goes listed as "default" section in the login msg.

Display 15 latest releases:
%[execute(TCL ..\scripts\nxTools\nxDupe.tcl)(NEW -max 15)]

That line, display defined section when using site rebuild to "default"...uuughh... i dunno exactly howto explain this...
The dupe database doesn't keep track of the sections. nxTools gets the section information from ioFTPD.ini.
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