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Originally Posted by DayCuts View Post
... or do you mean it took you up one level out of your saved 'remote path' for that site?
I mean that for any paths C:\foo\bar\baz and /foo/bar/baz, if I change to (say) /foo/bar/baz/doggy and .\doggy doesn't exist locally, I'll be at C:\foo\bar\baz and /foo/bar/baz/doggy. If I issue CDUP remotely, both sides back up a level so I end up at C:\foo\bar and /foo/bar/baz now.

FlashFXP does not appear to be using the entry paths (e.g. the ones stored in the Site Manager) as bases to remain synchronised to. For the most part, it's still relative only.

Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
I was thinking more or less global options for this, so that when sync browsing is in effect it would always follow the pre-defined rules, that way you can set it and forget it for something you'd probably want 99% of the time anyways.
Personally I'd still want to choose each time whether a folder is created on both sides or not -- there's something frustrating about having to trawl through settings to reverse something just for one instance. The tick box could be automatically set according to preferences though, with the option to reverse the setting on demand by clicking it.
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