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Well, I logged into the site I manage with FlashFXP, which took me to the local and remote folders. On the local site, there's a folder called "New Folder" that I forgot why I put it there, so I opened it. FlashFXP tried to open the remote folder even when the listing hadn't indicated it existed; the server responded "550 New Folder: No such file or directory".
This change was needed to handle cases where a folder may exist but the listing might not have it visible, previously we simply did nothing, but we at least need to try to make sure the folder doesn't exist.

I then double-clicked Parent Directory in the local view to return to the root. The remote side then CDUP'd out of the site root into the parent folder. This is the precise behaviour that makes Synchronize Browsing so frequently untenable. I don't have the entire site on my PC here (it's pretty huge), and there will always be mismatches.
At the moment there's not good way to handle this situation. I am open to suggestions. I think ultimately the result will need to be user defined.

One thing we can do now is simply deactivate sync. browsing when it breaks and display a message in the status window, the other option is to prevent the change though this may be more complicated to handle.

We could add a whole slew of options on how to handle this unfortunately we've simply run out of time to come up with a solution for v3.6, however once 3.6 is released I'll start work on the next release and get these features into it.

We just need to decide on a default best behavior for now.

I confirmed earlier though with build 1225 that switching folder using the address bar (either by typing or by selecting a recently-visited remote folder) does now synchronise both sides correctly, which is great.

As far as folder creation goes, one possibility is to have a tickbox in the New Folder dialog that says, "Create matching folder in $other_view" to bypass the desynchronisation problem of creating a folder one side at a time. Although you can resolve it using Explorer for local-remote, this would also solve the problem for people doing FXP. That said, I have FlashFXP set to enter a new folder on creation which may possibly be wrong to begin with -- might be easier to turn that off and create a folder on each side manually?
I was thinking more or less global options for this, so that when sync browsing is in effect it would always follow the pre-defined rules, that way you can set it and forget it for something you'd probably want 99% of the time anyways.
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