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Originally Posted by DayCuts
I used sb to put both remote and local sides into c:\temp, then entered a folder visible on both sides, then went back to c:\temp, i then used the remote drop down list to re-enter /c:/temp/folder1/, at this point no attempt was made to enter folder1 on the local side even though it did exist
As far as i can tell the bugfix you found and made relating to slashes has resolved this problem, i have been unable to reproduce this with the latest beta.

Originally Posted by Telcontar
The remote side then CDUP'd out of the site root into the parent folder.
Do you mean the server actually let you CDUP from root / into the parent folder? (i have never seen this before, if server shows / at root it means your locked in home dir otherwise it shows absolute paths)... or do you mean it took you up one level out of your saved 'remote path' for that site?
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