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On friday I discovered and resolved a issue regarding slashes, sometimes it would leaveout or double up the slashes preventing the change to occur, especially locally.. i.e. C:\windowssystem\ instead of C:\windows\system.. This has been resolved.
Nice, hopefully this is the source and fix for the broken local sb behavior.

SB doesn't check to see if you're in root before issuing a CDUP, I suppose for situations where root is / or \ then we can check for this and simply do nothing.
This seems like a more appropriate method to me, while some servers report an error on cdup in root, others (most cases) just refresh the listing of the current folder which can take some time if its large or the server is slow.

all SB changes need to be relative to a similar point on both sides. If one side is / and the other is /bin/ and you want to change into /bin/tmp then you'll end up with /tmp on the other side. this is the desired effect based on the design, although it may be an unexpected result.

SB via the listview only needs relative paths, SB via other methods require absolute paths for most changes, we could mix absolute and relative paths for some path changes but I'm not sure if this is such a big deal, it just adds to the complexity of the methods.
Indeed, just confirming the behavior was intentional.

As far as the other issues you've encountered I have not experienced or been able to reproduce them, though they may be related to the above mentioned bug fix.
I'm starting to loose track of which is which ha, i think you have covered/explained/fixed most (if not all) of it already, so i will just check again with the next build.

I'm not sure what you're referring to here, none of the original logic has changed apart from removing a check that made sure a folder existed before trying to change to it, however that was removed because a folder may exist but the listing cached and simply not see it.
For the most part i was just refering to this changed behavior.. when no match is found, i see now why you chose to make this change. Maybe this check and behavior can be dependant on weather caching is enabled or not (for the side its checking), and of corse if the folder is actually cached (may not be cached yet if caching has only just be turned on, meaning the list is already fresh). When the list is fresh (caching off or current list not cached) do nothing, when its cached and caching is enabled attempt the folder change.

I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to here. Are you saying that you'd rather SB via dropdown use CDUP when needed instead of absolute paths, or use CWD ../../myfolder instead of /path/to/myfolder when possible?
No, it just seemed weird/unusual behavior. However i think its just another one of those things brought about by the shear complexity and of SB as a whole.

Anyway, Will test again to confirm the slashes bugfix was responsible for the local sb issue etc, otherwise i think for the most part everything that seemed strange/unexpected has been covered.
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