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Point 1: Posted above.

Point 2: Partially fixed.

Again when using the remote dropdown list to reenter a folder that had previously been visited no attempt to enter that folder on the local side is made (again it does exist and should logically reenter this folder), this is regardless of the path depth in question.

This behavior no longer occurs when dealing with two different remote servers, the dropdown list is now successful is switching paths on both sides (this was broken in build 1225)

Points 3+4: Same behavior exists as described above, just to confirm is this the desired behavior (counting the number of path levels to move up)

Point 5: Same behavior exists, performing the unnecersary CDUP on side R when it is already in root /. Again was this the intended behavior (as its just counting one uplevel and issuing the CDUP to mimic that), maybe it should notice that its in root / and skip the CDUP rather than performing needless tasks?

Point 6: Same behavior exists.

Is this the new designed behavior (3.4 final made no attempt to change side R at all under these circumstances, non dropdown list use of corse as it did not exist, as with Point 1, i am not sure if this is should be the preffered behavior)

Little futher note about this particular point, the command sent is different when using the dropdown list than when doing it by clicking. When click side L into /bin/tmp/ (from /bin/) side R sends "CWD tmp", while when using the dropdown list to perform the same task, side R sends "CWD /tmp"... one is synchronizing in relative paths while the other is using absolute paths making the behavior a little inconsistant.

Finnal views: It seems that when adding support for SB through the dropdown list (or maybe in earlier betas and i missed it?) that some of the behavioral logic with the already existing click navigation method of SB were altered.

Personally i think that the old click style navigation method should not have been changed, i believe the logic and efficiency of how things worked before was best (more sound and concistant)

IMO, the new dropdown list support for SB should not have changed the old click style SB behavior (why change what was not broken), and should have instead mimic'd the existing click style SB behavior as much as possible (not falling back on CDUP or CWD commands that will knowingly fail (or be mute) 99% of the time).
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