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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
Also this behavior existed since sync. browsing was first added.
I dont think this is accurate, i just tested this with with the 3.4 final because i was sure this had never been the case before. I was right, 3.4 final does not fall back on a CDUP at all, if you attempt to enter a folder (either locally or remotely) and this folder does not exists on the other side then that side does nothing at all.

Personally i think this is the preferred behavior and should be put back, i dont think falling back on a CDUP is wise and im not sure attempting to enter the directory is desired either. I dont use SB that much compared to some others so maybe they have a better informed (for lack of better word) opinion on the matter, but it worked fine before and im not sure there is any reason to change it.

Will check out the new build shortly.
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