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  • Not sure if this is new... but something i noticed when testing the sb with build 1225 that i had not noticed before... for testing purposes i connected to a localhost ftp and changed local side to the same root (note that not all folders visable on the local side are visible on the remote side while browsing the localhost ftp)

    The Unusual behavior is that when entering a folder on the local side, that does not exist on the remote side (ftpd permissions dont allow it to show) the remote side instead performs and CDUP.

    [21:41:57] [L] CDUP
    [21:41:57] [L] 250 Directory changed to /c:
    [21:41:57] [L] PWD
    [21:41:57] [L] 257 "/c:" is current directory.
    [21:41:57] [L] PASV
    [21:41:57] [L] 227 Entering Passive Mode (127,0,0,1,6,215)
    [21:41:57] [L] Opening data connection IP: PORT: 1751
    [21:41:57] [L] LIST
    [21:41:57] [L] Connected. Negotiating TLSv1 session..
    [21:41:57] [L] TLSv1 negotiation successful...
    [21:41:57] [L] TLSv1 encrypted session using cipher AES128-SHA (128 bits)
    [21:41:57] [L] 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.
    [21:41:57] [L] 226 Transfer complete.
    [21:41:57] [L] List Complete: 59 bytes in 0.02 seconds (3.6 KB/s)

    A little further testing shows that this build seems to fall back on this behavior whenever it doesnt find a match. Another test/example was to turn it off, put remote side in /c:/temp/ and local side on C:, turn sb on, then enter 'temp' on the local side. this result in the local side changing to c:\temp and remote side falling back on a CDUP.

    Testing to make sure, and this is the same when localhost ftp has locked home directory as to not show the /c:/ root.

    I also tested this behavior with two remote servers and the result was the same fallback on CDUP.

  • Ok, on the the topic and changes in question. Havn't noticed any problems or strange behavior when using the dropdown list on the local side (same remote/local test setup), however i did notice some weird behavior when using the dropdown list on the remote side.

    I used sb to put both remote and local sides into c:\temp, then entered a folder visible on both sides, then went back to c:\temp, i then used the remote drop down list to re-enter /c:/temp/folder1/, at this point no attempt was made to enter folder1 on the local side even though it did exist.

    I tried the same method above with two remote connections and the dropdown list changes were indeed mimic'd however that test was performed with two connections to the same ftp.

    When trying this test with two different remote servers some strange behavior was evident.

  • Another scenerio tested was to have two different remote sites connected, L was navigated to /bin/tmp/ and right in root /, using the L dropdown list to change back to /bin/ resulted in R side falling back on a CDUP, even though /bin/ existed on the R side (and it was present in the R side dropdown list as it had been previously visited)

  • More tests.. L in /bin/tmp/ R in /bin/tmp/rsc/ editing drop down list manually to change L to /bin/ results in L issuing CWD /bin/ and R issuing CWD /bin/tmp/... not sure if this is intended behavior or not (its counting the number of levels up and mimicing that amount on the other side?)

  • L in /bin/tmp/ R in /, use dropdown list to change to /bin/, result is R side attempting a CDUP when already in root (intended or fallback bug? no need to attempt cdup when known to be in root if intended)

  • L in /bin/ R in / (/bin/ exists), change L to /bin/tmp/ with dropdown list, R side attempts a CWD /tmp/ which of corse fails.

    Not sure how all of this is supposed to act, and which tests may depict bugs and which are just because L and R are out of sync to begin with, but thought i'd ramble with as much detail as possible.

PS. Just incase the post was missed because i think a new build was out by the time i posted, but i posted in the thread for build 1222 here about some bugs related to the new feature added to the FTP File Search.

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