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I have some thoughts as well. Please let me know what you think.

1. We could define that when "synchronized browsing" is enabled whenever you make a folder locally/remotely it is duplicated on the other active side. Though we could run into problems if the user tried to make a folder locally while a transfer or some other operation is in progress on the ftp side.

2. If you navigate to a folder that doesn't exist on the other side perhaps we should gracefully turn off "synchronized browsing" automatically until the user turns it back on. The other option would be to create the folder on the other side and as above there could be some limitations.

In additon if "synchronized browsing" is off and you want to simply sync. browse on demand hold the ALT key while changing folders and that change will be synchronized.

You can also create paired folder bookmarks, where folder bookmark contains a local and remote path. using the bookmark to jump both sides to a starting place or back to a common location to resume sync. browsing.

I'd really like to support sync. browsing via the drop down box, I have a new idea of how it might be possible with the current design and I'll try to look into that in the next couple days.
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