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Every time I turn it off, and the server idle disconnects, it gets turned back on when I reconnect. So it would presumably get turned back off if the Site Manager had it off and I'd turned it on. That's a pain.

As far as absolute paths go, I'd go with the pair of root paths in Site Manager. You can set the default local path and default remote path, so you can treat those as being the same. Every sub-path from there on should match. This removes worries about creating a folder or entering a folder that's not present on the other side -- it won't get confused because it knows not to backtrack. I work on a site where I don't have a complete local copy, only those folders which I need locally because they contain my own work. I keep tripping up synchronised browsing every time I open a folder I don't have locally.

When I use the remote address drop-down, I would expect FlashFXP to set the local view to the local folder I was in when I had that remote folder open. That way, I can easily switch between various pairs of folders. My other idea was to have tabs, one tab per local/remote folder pair. Any time a transfer is active in any tab, the rest dim and are queue-only. The program CWDs each time you issue a command in a different tab. With cached directories you can pretty much simulate this (with greater flexibility) with the drop-down, as long as the local list view switches to match, either by remembering where you were, or by using absolute path synchronising from a common root.

I don't know about other FTP clients. FlashFXP is the only decent FTP client I've ever seen for Windows (the rest all suck rocks) and my beloved Mac FTP client (Fetch 3) has no local view at all; it's radically different to FlashFXP but was far more sophisticated in its simplicity, and FlashFXP caught up and overtook it with version 3, for which I was overjoyed. FlashFXP is a nice program.
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