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I find Synchronize Browsing quite useful, although i usually use it with hotkey rather than turning the feature on permanently.

I dont see the points you mentioned as 'problems', but i do think they light up some room for improvement.

I think a few new options could be added such as...

Synchronize Commands (for synchronizing the performance of RNFR/RNTO/DELE/MKD/ETC, disabled by default to prevent unintentional use). What happens if it fails on the first side, should it still try on the second? What happens if it fails on the second side, then its desynced again.

Absolute Synchronization (as the name suggests, for synchronizing using absolute paths rather than relative paths) although im not sure how it would handle prefix differences. for example /path/to/www/img/ vs /sub/path/to/www/img/... would it ignore absolute sync and just fall back on relative since they dont match, or would it be prefered to ignore the /sub prefix and process it absolutely.

As for the address bar, i am not sure if/what the best solution would be here, should it mimic changes here? (as part of sync commands maybe?), and if so how should it act if absolute sync was enabled and they dont match? (ie prefix as above example), should it sync automatic changes (selecting from list) or manual changes (typing new path) or both? hmm.

This does bring up another idea though, maybe the temporary sync shortcut key could be designed to work in reverse (not sync for that moment) when synchronized browsing is enable and the shortcut is used?

Now I am wondering how other clients handle this and if they have the same 'issues'.
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