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Question Synchronize Browsing experiences?

What does everyone make of Synchronize Browsing?

From what I can see, it's a nice idea, but a suspect implemenation. Being relative only and not based on the initial paths, it trips up in at least two places.

If you create a remote folder and automatically enter it, it will fail to find the same local folder, ditto if you create the local folder first using FlashFXP's local view. As FlashFXP enters the folder, you desynchronise. When you hit Parent Directory to back up, ".." is issued to both views, so one side will go up a level too far now.

Also, if you're browsing a site which has more folders than you do locally, the same problem occurs again: enter one, and leave, and the local view is kicked up a level.

I end up leaving it turned off quite a bit as it really has limited use. Since it also ignores the drop-down menus and address boxes, you can very easily confuse it completely it has no idea where you are. (Selecting remote drop-down history addresses does not switch the local view to what local folder you were in at the time you last visited that remote folder).

This is itself not a feature request, but just wondering whether everyone else has similar views about this feature. I can create my local folder first using Explorer, and remote in FlashFXP so that it doesn't desynchronise, assuming I have the relevant folder window open, else I'd have to go browse to it in Explorer just so I don't screw up synchronised browsing again (takes longer to mess with Explorer than just fix the location).

I'm not sure if there is even a solution to this one?
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