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Default nxTools v1.0.6 : big problem of SITE REBUILD!

hi neoxed

i really much tested this issue for long time

as you know rebuild cant works with many dir/files(maybe when over 4000~5000 dir and over 100thousand files, then maybe our 0day does it) within 2minutes(2minutes means killing scripts time by daemon)

but u know these dir/files saving to memory while a little time when site rebuilding

then it make faster then before if type site rebuild again

but database(means *.db) going crash when rebuilding failed

so function of dupe or rebuild does not works anymore if type site rebuild again
unlesss stop daemon and delete that crashed .db files

watch below for understanding

[R] site rebuild
[R] 200-.-[Rebuild]--------------------------------------------------------------.
[R] 200-| Updating from: D:/SECTION/GAME |
[R] 200-| Updating from: D:/SECTION/NDS |
[R] 200-| Updating from: E:/SECTION/0DAY |
[R] Connection lost: SSN
[R] Connecting to SSN -> PORT=xxxxx
[R] Connected to SSN
[R] 220 FTP Server ready.
[R] site rebuild
[R] 200-.-[Rebuild]--------------------------------------------------------------.
[R] 200 Command successful.

then rebuild did nothing and any dupe function also does not works anymore
unlesss stop daemon and delete that crashed .db files

so i suggest plz make it STOP to crashing database if even site rebuild failed on first time..

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