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Default Bought 2nd licence for a friend, because 'Gift Certificate' option wasn't working.

I need some help from a moderator here please. I tried buying a Gift Certificate for a friend, since he wanted to buy this, but only had cash. But the problem was, the "Gift Certificate" option isn't working (Tried both IE7 AND Firefox) i filled the info out, and when trying to click on the button, it just does NOTHING. I kept trying everything, and same thing.
So, i just bought another license, thinking i would be able to give to him, and him registering it with his info, since i had no other choise, and found out it doesn't work that way. So, now he's stuck using a key with my info. So, i REALLY need some help here to transfer the info from my 2nd license over to his name and info so it will all be in his name, in case he looses it, he can always retrieve it again using normal Portal method to re-get it again. Can someone do this for me please???? I don't know what else to do, i tried the proper method, but that method was apparently broken, so the buy another licence on my account was the only other option i saw.
Could you please contact me or pm me so i can give the info to you, so i can properly change to his, so it's in his name. He's giving me grief already because of this messup, and i had no control over the issues with this website, and told him i would try to get this mess fixed for him. I registered his handle and name just now, so it would help make this easier to attach the fixes. Thanks in advance with this.

BTW- Is there any incentive's when getting people to buy this? I love this program, and i'm also a beta tester even to help further the growth and debugging of.
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