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I finally Uncheck the Display>Graph then Reboot..
next again put back the check and Reboot and go with Server..
next download a dummy test 1 mb and all start works as usual before.

The 'Show Graph' pops-up nicely showing the transfer speed!

It sounds little strange I never do that any time before..
and that was my last resort.. what come to my mind and finally works..

I think the System registry got a little mess when I have lately several times
have Win XP SP2 crash and then Restore from Hard Backup on DVDs.

Glad that all is back to normal state even as RC3 without remarks..

This is my favorite program transfer ever from years since start with demos..

The FlashFTP Client works flawless for me over years..

Very cool and I guess complicate idea to build such great animal..

Thanks for your so fast responds BIGSTAR!
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