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Default Problem is just when using Site Manager

Originally Posted by X3lectric View Post
GOTO Options>Preferences>Display>Options>(uncheck) Place on system tray when minimised

I recon that is it but hey I dunno. Just a wild guess even if the wrong one...
I checked, and that option is already unchecked, so it's not that.

However, I need to clarify when this occurs. I can now confirm that this ONLY happens when I use the Site Manager window. If I open Site Manager and either Connect to a site, OR, just click the Close button, that's when the whole FlashFXP window minimizes to the tray. It does not minimize when I carry out other actions within Flash FXP, or just connect using the standard connect button. I've now been able to replicate this bug on 3 different PC, all of which are running Vista.
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