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Default Re: odd

Originally posted by oxbcat
this happens when i have flash fxp open for any length of time over 24 hours. my win xp system always stays up, like in terms of weeks not hours. no other program i run has difficulty with windows being up so long. not to mention i only have 512mb (small by todays standards i know) of memory.

if this is a windows problem then why doesnt windows crash?
and if this is a flash problem, could it my the dynamic memory allocation algorythm?
I personally don't know enough about how windows works to explain it or make any sense of it. I suspect part of the problem is caused by the Borland Delphi VCL works, it is responsible for creating the windows/controls you see. I don't know how windows determines it's low on resources. Only that this type of error usually occurs when there is none left.

All sub windows in FlashFXP are created when shown, not on startup, otherwise it would have a huge memory foot print.

I don't have much experience with windows xp so maybe it could be something else, but I don't know what that could be.

What I do know is that atlest a dozen people are using FlashFXP on windows xp without this type of error.
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