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The problem is, with the current way the flashfxp queue works, the directories on remote sites would need to be created WHEN you expand the queue, because the queue itself is not designed to handle 'queued commands'. This can lead to a lot of empty folders on the remote (destination) server if your queue fails to complete all files. And even if it does complete all, those empty folders could be there for quite some time while the queue transfers everything, which is almost always undesirable.

The queue is just a list of files/folders that flashfxp interprets and acts upon. A folder in the queue is treated differently (by flashfxp) than a file is, a file in queue does not trigger the directory changing/creation like a queued folder does.

It would require the queue file format be altered somewhat to support this feature for fxp/upload without the current side effects, which in turns requires recodes to parts of flashfxp that interpret and act upon the queue. I dont neccersarily think it would be a bad thing to make such changes, infact it would open it up to some other features that are currently not possible for the same reason, but i am guessing the amount of work (changes) outweigh the payoff.
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