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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
As DayCuts pointed out the downside to using this feature for FXP or uploading, it can be done but if you don't complete the queue the site will have many empty folders. I've considered adding an ini option to override it and allow it. On multi-user sites other users may see the folder and expect it to contain something and then be disappointed that its' empty. Also using this on other peoples sites, the site owner might frown on this behavior.
I'm not sure I understand your post. In order to do this, you'd have to make a bunch of folders on the FTP site being uploaded to? Wouldn't it be easier to scan the folder (like it does with expanding downloads, or when it starts uploading the files from that folder) but do it on command as well? Maybe lock the files into the folder so if what Daycuts says is correct (about not being able to upload to directories that don't exist) then you can't move the files to make them be uploaded before folder creation. I'm not that familiar with the server side of things, just trying to upload some stuff to a mediacenter pc and got kinda annoyed with having it report the wrong queue all the time.
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