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another thing to look at is jumbo frames - norm thery are 1500(default) but can be larger - norm 9000, my intel nic can do 16000 but the nvidia cards max at 9000

Windows XP/2000 Server/Server 2003
The magical location for TCP settings in the registry editor is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Tcpip\Parameters

We need to add a registry DWORD named TcpWindowSize, and enter a sufficiently large size. 131400 (make sure you click on 'decimal') should be enough. Tcp1323Opts should be set to 3. This enables both rfc1323 scaling and timestamps.

One last important note for Windows XP users: If you've installed Service Pack 2, then there is another likely culprit for poor network performance. Explained in [knowledge base article 842264(, Microsoft says that disabling Internet Connection Sharing after an SP2 install should fix performance issues.

without the tweaks by yil and the ones i have posted max i have had from windows to windows pc is Transferred: xxxx.xxxxx.xxxx.rar 47.68 MB in 0.77 seconds (62.33 MB/s), windows to linux Transferred: xxxx.xxxxx.xxxx.r06 47.68 MB in 0.56 seconds (84.70 MB/s), although you cant always go by what flash tells you

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