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Default syncronisation

* FlashFXP v[3].[40], build [1145 ], [x]registered, [ ]unregistered, [ ]pirated
* OS [ ] Vista, [ ] WinXP, [x] Win2K, [ ] Win98, [ ] WinME, [ ] Other (explain)
* Running behind NAT/router [ ] Yes & Model [ ], [x] No, [ ] Not sure
* Running firewall [x] Yes, Name [Outpost], Ver. [40971], or [ ] No
* Running Antivirus [x] Yes, Name [NOD32] or [ ] No
* Network [ ] xDSL, [x] CABLE, [ ] Dail-Up, [ ] Other

Searching for 'syncronisation' in the forum returns nothing, so I thought I'd ask.

I really need a syncronisation feature that would look at an entire website's directory structure on a remote ftp site, and compare it with a local version of the same website.

It would display a review of which files will be over-written/created/deleted, and offer the option to edit the overwrite behaviour for individual files. And then of course, only upload/download new or modified files.

At the very least, a small improvement would be being able to set comprehensive collision rules involving upload/download behaviour depending on file creation and modification date.

Are there any such plans to write this kind of feature into FlashFXP?


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