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Default How to change to a dir in a different root

Hi everybody,

I'm connecting to an FTP server which has different directories on different drives included in my FTP user's account domain.

For example, I could have included C:\ABC as well as D:\XYZ, and make the second one the FTP home dir. I use Filezilla as FTP server.

Now when I connect I start in D:\XYZ, which shows as \ in the FlashFXP client. But I can't seem to be able to change the directory to the other folder (C:\ABC), even though I have the permissions to access it: I just down't know how to switch to it, as it is not located within the FTP root so I can't get there using the folder up command or by typing the full path. Also, I don't know how to tell FlashFXP that the folder I want to switch to is located on a different drive.

I tried different ways of writing the file path down, e.g. C:/ABC, ../C:/ABC, C/ABC, but nothing works. I also tried to create a shortcut to the folder on C inside of the FTP root dir, but that just shows up as a transferable .lnk file, not an active shortcut.

How can can I switch to a different folder on a different drive in the FLashFXP client? Or is this something that has to be changed on the server?

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