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Hmm I was under the impression that this was for performance.

I'm not entirely sure that reducing the interval of read or write operations would extend the life of a hard drive as much as one would think. This is something that I may have to look into.

Take defragmentation tools for example they read/write and move data around as fast as possible from many random places all over the hard drive. In my opinion defragging a hard drive would be more brutal than downloading or uploading a file that takes the same amount of time.

You also need to take into consideration that the windows OS also provides file buffering as part of the operating system, file read/write operations are cached by the OS. I believe there are some registry values you can change to increase the amount the OS uses.

Sometimes you'll notice or at least I have noticed that sometimes there wont be any hard drive activity at all for a period of time but as soon as the file completes and the file is closed the OS will flush the file cache and you'll see disk activity as the OS actually saves the file to disk.
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