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Its working just fine as far as my testing goes neoxed.

Iam guessing people use ioftpd 6.x and therefore havent replied that much on the topic.
Nothing you can really do until the new io version is out I guess, my own setups are all ioFTPD 6.x, but since I thought this is such a greate project you have here I just had to test it with io 5.8.5.

Tested around with two sites only atm, its syncing perfectly. I bring one down adduser, delusers, change permissions etc, all good when second sites pops up, takes about 30 sec, guess its depending on the settings in ioftpd.ini, for it to sync.
Havent tested the ssl stuff tho, never used that with mysql, maybe in the future

Anyways greate script greeeeeate work
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