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Default nxMyDB v0.3.0 - Alpha 3

Will not work with ioFTPD v6.x, as the module system is partially broken.

  • Built in debug mode, so file sizes are larger and performance is marginally slower.
  • This is the final alpha release, now the beta period begins.

  • NEW: Added configuration option "Log_Level" to control the log verbosity.
  • NEW: Group rename operations are now implemented.
  • NEW: Logging system to log errors, warnings, and information to a dedicated log file.
  • NEW: Spin-lock based locking implemented using stored procedures, reduces failed locks.
  • CHG: Renamed configuration option "SyncFirst" to "Sync_First".
  • CHG: Renamed configuration option "SyncInterval" to "Sync_Interval".
  • CHG: Requires MySQL Server v5.0.19, or newer.
  • FIX: All user's admingroups, groups and hosts were inserted with null-padding to the database.
  • FIX: If ioFTPD fails to open a user at start-up it considers them deleted.
  • FIX: User rename operations failed during sync, since the new name was not present in the changes table.
  • FIX: Work around a bug in ioFTPD that leads to memory corruption if a module open call returns UM_ERROR/GM_ERROR.

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