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Default site search help

Using SITE SEARCH via ioA.
I have mounted dirs. My / is in C:\ioFTPD\home\ There i have 2 dirs. pub and incoming. pub is mounted like "X:\somepath" /pub and incoming is "Y:\somepath" /incoming. When i point in ioA config Search_Path_0 /pub and then do SITE SEARCHLOG it creates log surely with empty pub dir. And when i point Search_Path_0 X:\somepath it creates log nicely but search output looks like somepath_in_X/target_path. How can i make output to be /pub/target_path? Help pls...

So in fact i want to know how to search on mounted dirs?

20:23:51 > SITE SEARCH *art*of*fighters*earthquake*
20:23:51 200--[Search]-----------------------------------------------------------------------
20:23:51 200- /-=[mainstream labels]=-/Traxtorm Records/[TRAX 0038] - Art_Of_Fighters_-_Earthquake-(TRAX038)-Vinyl-2002-SQ (87 day(s))
20:23:51 200- There are 1.000000 matches to your search criteria
20:23:51 200---------------------------------------------------------------------------[ioA]-
20:23:51 200 Command successful.
But i need output to be /pub/hardcore/mainstream/Traxtorm Records/[TRAX 0038] - Art_Of_Fighters_-_Earthquake-(TRAX038)-Vinyl-2002-SQ (87 day(s)) Because in vfs /-=[mainstream labels]=-/ is mounted like /pub/hardcore/mainstream

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