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Default nxMyDB v0.2.0 - Alpha 2

Will not work with ioFTPD v6.x, as the module system is partially broken.

  • NEW: Event handler for catching server start and stop events.
  • NEW: Full user and group synchronization during start-up.
  • NEW: Incremental user and group synchronization performed on configurable intervals.
  • NEW: Three new configuration options: Sync, SyncFirst, and SyncInterval.
  • NEW: Two new tables for keeping track of changes made to users and groups.
  • CHG: Removed the "Refresh" configuration option, see the new sync options.
  • CHG: Renamed io_users and io_group tables to io_user and io_group, respectively.
  • CHG: The "updated" column will only be set on writes.
  • FIX: Corrected a few possible memory leaks in failure scenarios.

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