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The rewrite is still on the agenda i hope (if not already planned out?). It would definately be a conciderable amount of work, but i believe worth the effort in the long run in terms of flashfxp's future.

There are a conciderable amount of increasingly popular and requested features that simply can not be easily implemented into the current codebase (multithreading, tabs, ssh and other protocol support, scriptability, etc) which many of the competing programs are increasingly supporting and implementing.

Lets take FTPRush/UltraFXP as a quick example, i can tell you from first hand use and from opinions spoken to me by many users of that particular alternative that the main reasons they choose it over FlashFXP despite its bugs and annoyances is because it supports tabbed sessions, scriptability, and multiple protocols (although only ssh and tftp).

I guess as a user, i cant help but wonder how long FlashFXP can continue without moving forwards in regards to these increasingly in-demand features. And just how long before alternatives improve to the point where people are not making performance/reliability/stability sacrifices by choosing an alternative.

I can certainly understand the situation that arises from this, in regards to justifying the work required to undergo such a rewrite, while still trying to honor the free 'lifetime upgrades' as best you can. I can definately see how any sort of upgrade charge could annoy some users, but i think most of the heavy users (myself included) would have no problem with an upgrade fee (to a Pro version as i think was mentioned once or twice a long time ago).

Just some scattered thoughts as usual.
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