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I'm all for SFTP.

Web servers increasingly rely on SSHd over FTPd to provide a transport mechanism. In my opinion, FlashFXP would greatly increase in value should SFTP be added. In fact, i'd be willing to pay extra for an SFTP module should it be made available (in the form of a major version upgrade, for instance).

If you raise the cost of base FlashFXP/incur a cost on upgrades, offer SFTP, you could get marginally renumerated for your added time in recoding the app.

I'd be fine with it.

Also, I think this poll is a little bit misleading. Every user will plainly vote "yes" in favor of an enhancement such as SFTP. The real question is, would you pay an extra $X dollars for SFTP. If the cost was reasonable (under 15 bucks), i vote Yes.
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