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I wanted to test around a bit, using ioftpd 6.2.1... it doesnt seem to be doing anything at all atm, still keeps adding the users on the local computer users/groups way... doesnt load the module? Is the configuration maybe supposed to be added somewhere specific in ioftpd.ini, I added the modules settings and right after that the [nxMyDB] settings.

Tested ioFTPD-beta5-8-5r aswell... and sure enough its doing what its supposed to be doing here... it loads the module from what I could see in error.log? The message below popped up when I tried to connect to the fresh install of this ioftpd version... and I had no root dir setup... once I fixed that connection worked fine with the standard ioftpd account.
Added a user and tried connecting, that worked aswell...

09-09-2007 11:15:39 nxMyDB: v0.1.0 loaded, using MySQL Client Library v5.0.45.
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