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im having some issues with the mp3sort

current vfs/dir settings

C:\ioftpd\site /
D:\MP3\ /MP3
D:\SORTED\ /SortedMP3
E:\MP3Archive\ /MP3Archive

this is the settings i have for the mp3.itcl file

set ioNJ(audio_sorting) {
{/MP3/|/MP3Archive/} {D:/SORTED/Sorted.By.Artist/%artist/%release}
{/MP3/|/MP3Archive/} {D:/SORTED/Sorted.By.Genre/%genre/%release}
{/MP3/|/MP3Archive/} {D:/SORTED/Sorted.By.Year/%year/%release}

i can only seem to get NEWLY UPLOADED files to these directories to be sorted by the script but not for the ones already there... i tried doing site resort (within their respective folders and with vfs structure) and the status window displayed a command successful, yet when i go into the sorted by folder i only see the recently uploaded ones. what am i missing? i also have the Sorted By folders created within D:/SORTED Folder.


another issue im having is with Site to Site transfer from gl to io. the file starts the transfer and finishes uploading the current file being sent but once that 1 finishes sending it hangs and wont start the transfer of the next file. any ideas?

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