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thanks Yil! I understand what you were saying,my second question then to fix things is i want to run my ftpd so others can login to it and i want to use a dns from a site like thats my external ip (not localhost) and actually have that setup as my main site/server,can i do that through just using the main ioFTPD default site setup or would i have to make another site on the left site were the pc icon with the x under it is and somehow add that to the hosts file and ioftpd.ini file? Im still a lil lost on that but i did follow what you were saying and just added * in the ip box and added it to hosts file and ioftpd.ini and that let me login so many thanks to that!! Just need this answer so i know how to config my server so i can run it off my local machine to let others login and use it like "real ftpd servers" are. Thanks again..

EDITk tried it with a friends after i setup his ip by im and he was able to login,coolness. But im still confused but ill just go with what i got for the min,my immediate problem was solved thanks again!

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