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Originally Posted by Carpo View Post
what version of tcl are you using
I tryed with version 8.4.15 but that was a no go so reverted back 8.4.14

I noticed when compiling default as explained modules where going good 1 by 1 until i do botnetop it keeps giving those error's
botnetop.mod is fixed. it seems some scripts need a little change in MakeFile when compiling in Cygwin
Open the modules Makefile with a text editor

Change all the .so to  .$(MOD_EXT)

Add a space and $(XLIBS) at the end of $(LD) line
Originally Posted by Carpo View Post
....................... as for the 32 nick handle if you read eggdrop.h you will see that is says to leave that alone and change it in eggdrop.conf
A Late reply on this but imo you need to change it still to 32!!!

 * HANDLEN note:
 *       HANDLEN defines the maximum length a handle on the bot can be.
 *       Standard (and minimum) is 9 characters long.
 *       Beware that using lengths over 9 chars is 'non-standard' and if
 *       you wish to link to other bots, they _must_ both have the same
 *       maximum handle length.
 * NICKMAX note:
 *       You should leave this at 32 characters and modify nick-len in the
 *       configuration file instead.
#define HANDLEN 32   /* valid values 9->NICKMAX  */
#define NICKMAX 32  /* valid values HANDLEN->32 */
I think you based your answer on the NICKMAX note and not the HANDLEN
Setup: ioFTPD 6.6.0 / ioNiNJA.beta.v. / nxTools v.1.2.1

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