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because i havent upxd it probably, and if you check my updated build you will see that all the scripts are there as is the templates updated tcl libs and other things ppl said they were missing from 1.6.17 rls, as for the 32 nick handle if you read eggdrop.h you will see that is says to leave that alone and change it in eggdrop.conf

now if ppl want i can easily upx the eggdrop.exe down, but if you look on unix or linux boxes they are the same size on there (and its only 1.35mb so dont lie and say 1.5mb )

and it was me that told you about ipv6 patch and a few others

having upxed mine down its now 458K - you have to bare in mind that a few things have changed from 1.6.17 to .18 so its bound to be bigger, if no one wants mine i can take it down and you can use whocarez2k5 version ??

or i can do a super dupe one and add everything inclucing non english charcter support ?

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