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Originally Posted by Carpo View Post
what version of winrar are you using - i have 3.70 - if using an eerlier version it might kick up an error like that, when you say you miss some files what do you mean ? i have not included the html and stuff like you had in 1.6.17, figured they were not required

did you get the dns error or did it go ok for you ?

edit: have just tested the rar on 2 different pcs, md5 checks out and no errors when unzipping

edit2: after checking i have not added the templetes folder and contents if people want i can readed them
For DNS it didn't gave any error's, trying to get more systems for testing

Missing files comparing to 1.6.17 where some dll's for example in root i had tcl84.dll,tclpip84.dll and in .18 only libtcl8.4.dll. probably something with compiling.

folders different from 1.6.17, dunno where they are for. just did a quick check

And some simple modules and ident script but those can be added after install.

friend of mine tested release on different system in building here, no DNS error.
so far so good
Setup: ioFTPD 6.6.0 / ioNiNJA.beta.v. / nxTools v.1.2.1
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