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I've built 1.6.18+SSL in the past and don't think I had any issues. I remember the trickiest part was getting the old minires 0.98 or 0.97 to build it with as the newer 1.0 stuff had different include files.

I assume since you built it that you have cygwin installed? Are you using /etc/resolv.conf (I don't)? If the file isn't there minires results in using the windows DNS resolver and then faking the answer as if it actually resolved it for win2000+. That's what you want to happen.

I think you might need to make sure the minires libraries are in the same directory as windrop since it's likely you will have the 1.0+ libraries installed under /cygwin and you want to load the old ones...

Let me know how it goes, and if you are still getting issues I'll try a build since I haven't done it in a long while.
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