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Originally Posted by Carpo View Post
ok due to a few ppl asking (1 here few elsewhere) i have compiled an updated 1.6.18 bot with ssl, so far on my test pc i am only having one issue and that is with dns lookup faluire - this could be because i am behind a router i dont know but the fix from windrop site

Q: Windrop reports "DNS lookup failed" when trying to connect to IRC servers

A2: If that fails and you are using Windrop 1.5.x or 1.6.x then try disabling the dns module by editing your config file and adding # in front of the following line:
loadmodule dns

worked for me, if any of you would like to test this bot (feel free to check it for viruses) let me know and i will host it somewhere

ps: if your bot just sits there like a dumb s**t without ever coming onto irc - open runonce.bat and where it says eggdrop -m and nt to it so it reads eggdrop -mnt, this will keep the cmd window open so you can see what is going on

pps i was going to patch it with non english character support and ipv6, does anyone require these patches adding ?
Nice job, windrop is brought back to live
Setup: ioFTPD 6.6.0 / ioNiNJA.beta.v. / nxTools v.1.2.1
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